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Terms and Conditions – Banggood RC Video Championship
Coverage Clause

These terms and conditions relate to the competition

Banggood RC Video Championship ( held by Banggood Ltd. All submissions are bound by this policy.
1) Contest Coverage

1.1) This contest will run from 00:01 (EST – Eastern Standard Time) July 15th 2013 until 23:59 (EST – Eastern Standard Time) August 14th 2013.
1.2) The video uploading period is the same as the contest period.
1.3) The voting period is the same as the upload period.

1.4) Prizes are covered under section 4.

2) Entries

2.1) To participate in the contest you,
a) Create your original video;
b) Upload your video to the Banggood RC Video Championship page between the competition dates outlined in Section 1
c) Fill in all required fields for submission;
d) Accept the terms and conditions of the contest;
e) Share your video with friends between the competition dates (Section 1).
2.2) All entrants must be a registered member of .
2.3) Videos must adhere to the theme of the competition, the content must relate to RC products.
2.4) Products used in the contestants’ entries don’t have to be Banggood’s products.
2.5) Content: All submitted videos will be subject to review by the organisers, submissions that breach the following will be removed and excluded from the competition. Video or audio that contains;
a) Commercial messages;
b) Plagiarised material;
c) Unliscenced Copyrighted Material;
d) Profanity;
e) Nudity;
f) Other offensive content;
g) Political or religious messages ;
h) Branding stores/distribution other than;
i) Videos which do not relate to the theme;
j) Videos identical to another entrant’s upload, only the entry with the earliest submission date will be included.
2.6) The winner is solely responsible for the originality of the video and the misuse of copyright and related rights of the submission, taking full responsibility and responding exclusively for damage caused to third parties.
2.7) Previous Banggood contest entries can be resubmitted provided;
a) They have not previously won a prize
b) They abide by these terms and conditions.
c) Votes will not be carried to the new entry
2.8) Content submitted may be used directly for advertising purposes. By submitting a video you authorize Banggood and its affiliates to digitally host, distribute and publicize your video, images and testimonials in order to publicise the results of the contest.
2.9) Participants agree to receive newsletters and offers via e-mail through registration in the contest.
2.10) Entrants can upload multiple videos; however each video must be different, and votes cannot be combined.
2.11) Participants must enter a delivery address located in a country that the organisation currently ships to. Click here to see the full list.
2.12) Any abusive comments posted on videos will be removed with notification. If a user deterimes a video offensive or in breach of Section 2.5 they can report it to the organisers by clicking Report below the video in question.

2.13) Banggood reserves the right to remove any video it determines to have breached any of this policy, the decision in these instances is final.

3) Voting:

3.1) The voting period is fixed, votes cannot be made outside the dates in Section One.
3.2) Votes are cast directly on the competion page.
3.3) Each visitor can only cast 1 vote; for any video entered, per day. Visitors are determined by unique IP.
3.4) If a voter has a Banggood account; or registers for one within the competition dates, they can cast an extra one off 5 votes, not per day.
3.5) Suspicious voting practice; authentication of votes is carred out once voting closes. Votes using automatic voting software, bots, programs, fake accounts or multiple IP votes will;
a)Be disqualified without notice OR
b)Have the suspicious votes removed
7 - (voice: the second place will get a giant RC quadcopter, brand new in the market!)

8 - (voice: to the most popular video the prize will be one of our hottest RC helicopters!)

4) Prizes

4.1) There will be THREE (3) prizes awarded.
a) First prize is ONE (1) RC Helicopter Walkera V450D03 Generation II 6 axis Gyro Flybarless BNF (SKU048451)
b) Second prize is ONE (1) RC Quadcopter WLtoys V262 Cyclone 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RTF (SKU081089)
c) Third prize is ONE (1) FT007 4CH 2.4G High Speed Racing Remote Control RC Boat (SKU060275)
4.2) Prizes will be awarded at the end of the voting period to the top THREE (3) individual uploaders positions are strictly determined by votes.
4.3) Prizes are transferable to other remote control products of equal value sold on Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or products unrelated to remote control toys or accessories.
4.4) Each participant can win a maximum of ONE (1) prize per month. If one participant is the creator of more than one most voted video, they will be awarded the highest prize. The other prize(s) will go to the creator of the next most voted video(s).
4.5) In the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded to the participant with the earlier submission date.
4.6) Winners will be,
a) Notified via email;
b) Announced on the contest website on August 20th 2013, and will remain there for the following 10 days.
4.7) Prizes will be held for 90 days. If the winner has not claimed their prize within 90 days it will expire.

4.8) The prize will be delivered to the address provided by the winner, within 45 days from the date of the announcement of the results.

5 General

5.1) The participation of Banggood company officials and employees is forbidden.
5.2) - All questions and / or issues arising from this promotion will be resolved by the organisers of the contest, adhering the standards of consumer protection. The decisions of the contest organisers cannot be challenged, contested or changed.
5.3) Banggood endaavours to host a stable platform for the event however; the organisers are not responsible for any technical failure of delivery, internet access problems or any chance event or force majeure which may prevent the user from participating.
5.6) This contest is administered and promoted by:
Banggood Net
15/F ,

6 Definitions
a) Entrant, participant, Uploader – Any person submitting a video for the competition.
b) Banggood – Covers staff of Banggood Network Ltd and event organizers