Keypad Shield Blue Backlight For Arduino Robot LCD 1602 Board - Banggood video contest!
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Keypad Shield Blue Backlight For Arduino Robot LCD 1602 Board

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By: Hermit (41)    Upload Date: 2015-11-22 07:19:18


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  • Hermit, 2015-12-25 07:00:08 Reply (0) thanks. I am very happy that I won.
  • MilanCRO, 2015-12-24 20:17:52 Reply (0) Congratulations for winning in this contest.
  • AndrzejN, 2015-12-24 02:39:02 Reply (0) His video has 12340 youtube views ??? Why now is 12 337 ?
  • Hermit, 2015-12-24 01:03:47 Reply (0) In contest says "Youtube views"!!! This views can be watched from other platforms/networks etc. Not only from contest page!!! In the competition (contest page) you have 9398 views. On YouTube you have 1519 views. How is it possible ??? :) Good luck!
  • AndrzejN, 2015-12-23 16:08:48 Reply (0) In the competition you have "935 views, By: hermit, Upload on2015-11-22 7:19:18 - See more at: dpuf ". On YouTube you have more than 12 thousand views. At the same even any person or your friend did not give like or comment under your video on youtube??? How is it possible ???
  • Hermit, 2015-12-23 02:27:21 Reply (0) This video I made specially for the competition and began to promote it. I sent this video to many different social networks! I also asked my friends to post this video to other platforms on the Internet. My early videos have little of views, as they are not adapted to the SEO, and I do not promote it.
  • AndrzejN, 2015-12-22 14:42:02 Reply (0) Hello Can you explain to me why in the midst of all persons participating in the competition. Your video on is associated with the site What is a page ??? Link below for Total to know that someone is cheating here !!!
  • Hermit, 2015-11-22 14:45:21 Reply (0) Controlling step motors. Управление шаговым двигателем.